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David Aubrey KC

David is our Head of Advocacy. He has extensive practise defending grave, complex and heavy-weight cases of murder, manslaughter, sexual offences and violence.

David Aubrey, QC
David Aubrey QC

Career highlights

Call: 1976
Silk: 1996

David has a long and successful career in criminal law. He was a Member of the Bar Council 2000-2010 and Head of Chambers, Temple Chambers, Cardiff before taking up his role as Head of Advocacy at the PDS in 2014.

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David Aubrey QC CV
(PDF, 431 KB)

Instruct David Aubrey KC for your defence

To instruct David or for further information, contact our clerks.

Instruct David Aubrey KC

Specialist areas


David has extensive experience in cases involving fraud. He defended the ‘cougher’ in the notorious and famous ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ trial.

Mental health

David advises regularly in the fields of Mental Health Act Law and appears in the High Court and County Court dealing with cases in these areas. He sits as a Legal President of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Serious sexual offences

David sits as a Recorder in the Crown Court dealing with cases of all levels of seriousness and complexity including serious sexual offences.

Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

David has conducted POCA hearings as an advocate and as a Recorder. He is very familiar with the applicable provisions having acted as Leading Counsel in a guideline case before the Court of Appeal.

Notable cases

R v Tecwen Whittock 2003 (Fraud)

VHCC case. Lasted two months. Defended the ‘cougher’ in the notorious and famous ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ trial.

Case involved obtaining the execution of a valuable security by deception and fraud. A three Defendant high-profile case involving technical evidence and scientific issues.

R v G (Fraud)

Multi-handed conspiracy to evade VAT, involving complex issues relating to planning law and regulation, as well as the VAT regulations.

R v B 2013 (Murder)

Defended a man charged with a high-profile, brutal murder, in which the defence was ‘loss of control’.
Appeared before the Court of Appeal presided over by the Lord Chief Justice. A ‘guideline judgement’
hearing involving five other appellants heard over three days.

R v M 2009 (POCA)

Leading Counsel for an appellant, along with several other appellants, in a hearing before a five-judge
Court of Appeal which gave a ‘guideline judgement’ in POCA proceedings.

What clients say about David

David is accustomed to long and complex trials. He has dealt with cases involving vast quantities of papers, digital material and complex computer evidence.
Defended in VHCC trials for offences of importation and supply of drugs, fraud, murder and VAT evasion.
David has a reputation for independence and for not submitting to the will of judges!