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Proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA cases)

We provide expert representation defending clients accused under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) and other confiscation related hearings.

We represent individuals facing investigations or prosecutions brought by a range of government and regulatory organisations including: 

  • The Serious Fraud Office
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • HMRC
  • National Crime Agency

Confiscation of assets

POCA gives power to seize property, cash, papers and personal effects. These confiscation cases are complex and require experienced representation.

Our specialist POCA lawyers can help present your defence at the various different stages of the confiscation proceedings.

Recovery of assets

Early advice is key to recover any assets or cash seized under POCA. You will need to prove that the money is not going to be used for criminal activity, and it was not procured illegally. Our POCA advocates can advise and represent you on the recovery of confiscated assets from the application through to the appeal stage.

Why choose the PDS?

  • Highly experienced in criminal law and financial regulations
  • Access to specialist forensic accountants
  • Involved in landmark cases for POCA proceedings

Instruct a specialist advocate for your POCA defence

Instruct an advocate

Notable cases

R v S 2000 (Confiscation)

Advocacy team

John Burton QC

About the case

John led another member of the PDS in a confiscation case involving a benefit claim of £73 million where the alleged assets were alleged to be around £10 million. The case was listed for two weeks but was settled just before the hearing.

R v M 2009 (POCA)

Advocacy team

David Aubrey QC

About the case

David Aubrey was leading counsel for an appellant, along with several other appellants, in a hearing before a five-judge Court of Appeal which gave a ‘guideline judgement’ in POCA proceedings.

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