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New robust laws announced under the Online Safety Bill

On 25/11/22, robust new laws were announced targeting abusers who share intimate images and videos of others without their consent.

The Online Safety Bill seeks to better protect victims of online abuse where intimate images and videos are shared and/or manipulated without their consent.

‘Upskirting’ has already been criminalised. Under the said bill, ‘Downblousing’ – where non-consensual photos are taken down a woman’s blouse/top – will be criminalised next.   

Also, those who use editing software to manipulate, make and share fake images or videos of another without their consent will be targeted due to a worrying rise in ‘Deepfaking’.

Additional laws will also be introduced to tackle abusive behaviour where abusers use covert cameras to record images of others without their consent.

Amendments to the said bill are designed to broaden the scope of the current laws addressing intimate image offences.

For further details: