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What happens if I am recalled to prison?

If you have been recalled to prison following a breach of your licence conditions, the Public Defender Service (PDS) may be able to help.

The Public Protection Casework Section at the prison will issue a recall dossier within 24 hours. Contact us as soon as possible, as a written response is needed within 14 days of recall (although this period can be extended).

There are two types of recall. The first is fixed term. This is a recall for 28 days, after which time you will automatically be released. It is possible to make representations opposing the grounds for recall, but time is very tight . Arranging a visit to see you within that 14 days might not be possible .We are only able to make written representations on your behalf in relation to fixed term recall.

The second is a standard recall. This is where you are returned to custody for the remainder of your sentence, or until the Parole Board is satisfied that serious risk to the public is manageable in the community.  Written representations can be made  by us on your behalf to the Parole Board. The Board can decide to release a prisoner at that stage.. If the Board requires additional information, then the matter can proceed to an oral hearing. At that hearing you are entitled to be represented in the prison by a lawyer.

We have video technology at all our offices to enable us to speak directly to prisoners ( if your prison has the technology). The PDS offers confidential advice from one of our specialist prison law solicitors, Phil Huxtable on 01792 633280  or Lisa Carney on 01325 289480 . Phil and Lisa also advise and assist with other prison matters, such as adjudicationsCategory A reviews and sentence calculation.