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Our advocates team

Barristers and solicitor advocates

We are a committed and independent team of criminal defence barristers and solicitor advocates specialising in legally aided criminal defence litigation.

Everyone deserves a good and fearless advocate

Our pro-active service includes a commitment to early case conferences, early and continued advice, and a determination to maintain consistency of representation.

Our criminal defence barristers and solicitor advocates accept instructions from defence practitioners across England and Wales in relation to the full range of criminal matters that appear before the Higher Courts.

Meet our higher court advocates

Our team of advocates have significant experience at all levels of the criminal justice system. We are regularly instructed in the most serious of cases including murder, serious violence, historic and serious sexual offences, terrorism, fraud and very high cost cases.

Natalie Goffe, Solicitor Advocate

Natalie Goffe

Higher rights: 2008
Specialist areas: Drugs, Money laundering, Serious violence

Eugene Hickey, defence barrister

Eugene Hickey

Call: 1988
Specialist areas: Drugs, Fraud, Serious violence, Sexual abuse

Robin Howat, defence barrister

Robin Howat

Call: 1986
Specialist areas: Drugs, Fraud, Murder

Lloyd Jenkins, Solicitor Advocate

Lloyd Jenkins

Higher rights: 2005
Specialist areas: Drugs, General crime, Sexual offences, Violence

Peter Woodall, defence barrister

Peter Woodall

Call: 1983
Specialist areas: Drugs, Fraud (VHCC), Sex, Serious violence

Sean Poulier

Higher Rights: 2007

Specialist areas: Murder, and Serious Violence, Drugs

James McKenna

Higher Rights: 2016
Specialist areas: 

Mark Phillips

Higher Rights: 2010

Call: 2016

Kate Roxburgh, Solicitor Advocate

Kate Roxburgh

Higher rights: 2007
Call: 2018
Specialist areas: Sexual offences, Murder and serious violence

Martin Sharpe, defence barrister

Martin Sharpe

Call: 1989
Specialist areas: Drugs, Fraud (VHCC), Murder, Serious sexual offences

Pina Silvio, Solicitor Advocate

Pina Silvio

Higher rights: 2005
Specialist areas: Drugs, Fraud, Serious sexual offences, Serious violence

Charlotte Surley, Solicitor Advocate

Charlotte Surley

Higher rights: 2008
Specialist areas: Serious sexual offences, Serious violence

Stephen Thomas, Solicitor Advocate

Stephen Thomas

Higher rights: 2005
Specialist areas: Serious sexual offences, Serious violence