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Serious sexual offences

Our criminal defence advocates have extensive experience in defending allegations of serious sexual offences, including historic sexual abuse allegations.

Given the experience and expertise of our advocates, we are sensitive to those accused of committing such offences and are robust in our approach of disclosure and challenging the admissible and available evidence.

Our advocates have experience in dealing with the following cases:

  • Rape
  • Assault by penetration
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual offences involving those with a mental disorder
  • Sexual offences relating to children and youths
  • Historic sexual abuse
  • Sex trafficking cases
  • Indecent images and extreme pornography
  • Sexual harm prevention orders

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Notable cases

R v G 2020 (Serious sexual offences)

Advocacy team

John Burton QC

About the case

A case involving rape and sexual assault on a sex worker over a period of two days. John had represented the defendant in the past when he was acquitted of rape. The prosecution threatened to rely upon the previous acquittal in these proceedings and John was instructed to represent Mr G at trial.

R v DJ and another 2019 (Historic sexual offences)

Advocacy team

Nicholas Askins

About the case

Social worker and school teacher charged with historic sexual offences against pupil.

R v X 2016 (Serious sexual offences)

Advocacy team

Peter Woodall

About the case

The defendant was an asylum seeker charged with sexual assault upon a young woman in a secluded car park whom he had initially met in a local night club. The defence was one of consent. CCTV evidence was critical to the defence. The defendant was acquitted.

R v AW (Sexual offences)

Advocacy team

Stephen Thomas

About the case

The defendant (a ten year old boy) was charged with five counts of rape and additional charges of sexual activity with an eight year old next door neighbour. The case involved extensive psychological evidence having to be obtained and adduced in evidence issues of fitness to plead and stand trial in the youth court, as well as the use of intermediaries.

Significant psychiatric mitigation arising from early commissioning of expert psychiatric evaluation avoided a finding of dangerousness and maximised credit for the inevitable guilty pleas.

R v K (Sexual offences)

Advocacy team

Natalie Goffe

About the case

The defendant was charged with sexual assault, kidnap, false imprisonment and assault by beating. It was alleged that the complainant was dragged into a car, driven to an address and sexually assaulted. The defendant denied seeing the complainant on the relevant day and the defence pursued enquires regarding CCTV and an inspection of the complainant’s mobile phone.

R v M 2012 (Sexual offences)

Advocacy team

Lloyd Jenkins

About the case

Defended a client accused of sexually assaulting his young stepdaughter whilst his partner was out of the house. The defendant was heavily intoxicated at the time and tentatively hinted that he might have been ‘sleepwalking’ at the time of the allegation. Complicated issues relating to non-insane automatism and also self-induced voluntary intoxication. Sensitive cross-examination of the defendant’s former partner, together with the young female complainant and both her sister and friend. Client convicted on a majority verdict.

R v L (Serious sexual offences)

Advocacy team

Charlotte Surley

About the case

The defendant was a transgender woman accused of historic sexual offences and, as such, required respectful and sensitive representation. I ensured that she was not ‘dead-named’, at any stage and by any party, throughout the court proceedings.

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