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Martin Sharpe

Martin is an experienced complex fraud practitioner but has represented defendants who have faced the whole spectrum of serious criminal charges. He also pioneered Goodyear sentence indications.

Martin Sharpe, defence barrister
Martin Sharpe, criminal defence barrister

Career highlights

Call: 1989

Martin’s expertise extends to all types of confiscation proceedings under all legislation – including High Court & appellate work.

He has considerable experience in analysing complex forensic & technical evidence – such as cell site, ANPR, DNA & international financial instruments.

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Specialist areas


Martin has been involved in cases where defendants have faced a wide range of allegations including company fraud, VAT & tax fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, education fraud, property investment fraud, solicitor fraud, immigration fraud and advance fee fraud.

Murder, drugs and serious violence

Martin has always also worked on other cases of a serious nature such as murder, serious violent offences and firearm offences. He has also acted for alleged members of organised crime groups in large scale conspiracies to import and supply drugs.

Serious sexual offences

Martin has undertaken a wide range of serious sexual complaint cases. He has experience in many cases of historic sexual abuse involving vulnerable witnesses (& is due to undertake vulnerable witness training in February 2018). He has also been involved in cases where health care & other professionals including doctors, teachers and residential care workers have faced sexual & other allegations.

Notable cases

R v A 2019 (Fraud – Operation Liniment)

This case was listed for six months over two trials & involved company, tax & VAT fraud.

R v C 2016 (Fraud – Immigration)

Large scale immigration fraud organised by solicitor & involving multiple sham marriages.

R v C 2015 (Fraud – Operation Armadale)

For first defendant in four month (VHCC) Ponzi scheme fraud case.

R v W 2011 (Fraud)

Represented lead defendant in nationally-spread multi-million pound bank takeover fraud.

R v Goodyear 2005 (Fraud) 3 All E.R. 117, Archbold 5-79b

Appeared at first instance in Doncaster Council corruption case and then took this case to the Court of Appeal, without a leader. Introduced sentence indication “Goodyear indications” in open court.

R v Y 2018 (Serious sexual offences – Rape)

Alleged rape of company colleague after work night out, with immediate complaint.

R v C 2017 (Serious sexual offences – Rape)

Twelve year old rapes five ten year olds at several scout camps

R v C 2013 (Murder)

Represented lead defendant in gang knife murder of bodybuilder; issues included self-defence and toxicology relating to long-term steroid abuse.

R.(Miller Gardner Solicitors) v Minshull St Crown Court [2002] 67 JCL 370, EWCA 3077, Archbold 15-79 J

JR case, which arose from the prosecution of the supposed armourer of the notorious “Gooch Close Gang” in Manchester (the first case in Manchester in which “Special Counsel” was appointed). It concerned access to special procedure material by a firm of solicitors & has become a leading case on legal professional privilege.