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Stephen Thomas

Stephen has extensive experience specialising in crime only matters. He has represented defendants through all stages of the Criminal Justice System, from initial arrest to the Court of Appeal. Stephen has also prosecuted for the National Probation Service both in the Magistrates Court and Crown Court.

Stephen Thomas, Solicitor Advocate
Stephen Thomas, Higher Court Advocate

Career highlights

Higher rights: 2005

Stephen has extensive experience in representing young and vulnerable defendants with particular emphasis in recent years in representing defendants charged with murder and other serious violent
serious sexual offences fraud and firearms offences.

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Notable cases

R v CS 2012 (Serious violence)

Representation of a female defendant charged with section 18 wounding in the context of domestic violence.

R v AW (Sexual offences)

The defendant (a ten year old boy) was charged with five counts of rape and additional charges of sexual activity with an eight year old next door neighbour. The case involved extensive psychological evidence having to be obtained and adduced in evidence issues of fitness to plead and stand trial in the youth court, as well as the use of intermediaries.

Significant psychiatric mitigation arising from early commissioning of expert psychiatric evaluation avoided a finding of dangerousness and maximised credit for the inevitable guilty pleas.

R v LW 2013 (Robbery)

The defendant charged with failing to pay nursing home fees for his elderly infirm mother, stealing her pension and savings to a value in excess of £30,000 and spending it on himself.