Our Prison Law department is committed to providing specialist advice to prisoners throughout their sentence. Our supervisor, Lisa Carney, has 15 years’ experience in assisting clients with Prison Law issues. We can assist with the following matters which fall under the Legal Aid Scheme (subject to means and sufficient benefit test).

Parole Board Reviews

When a prisoner is entitled to apply for parole, we can submit representations in support of their application. If a case is referred to oral hearing we can represent prisoners throughout the oral hearing process.

Licence Recall

When a prisoner is released from custody they will be subject to licence conditions. If those licence conditions are breached, or suspected to have been breached, they may be recalled to custody. From the point of recall we can assist. We can assist by preparing and submitting representations in support of the prisoner’s release. We will also represent prisoners should their case be referred for oral hearing.

Independent Adjudications

Prisoners who disobey Prison Rules will be charged and often referred to the Outside Adjudicator. The Independent Adjudicator can award 42 additional days for each offence committed. We are experienced in representing prisoners before the Outside Adjudicator in either defending the charge or advancing strong mitigation on their behalf. 

Sentence Calculation

If there is a dispute about sentence calculation and the internal complaints procedure has been exhausted, we may be able to assist.

Category A reviews

When a prisoner’s Category A status is reviewed, we can assist by submitting representations on their behalf.